Each segment of the Emergency Management Cycle has a unique, yet related set of operational components.  Below is a sampling of the types of services and products available from Raffle Solutions to ensure your emergency program is complete, resilient and sustainable after we are gone.  Each engagement is tailored to meet your individual needs.  We are also connected to a range of highly qualified subject matter experts that can be incorporated into the delivery of your final product.

Emergency Plan Activation
Incident Command Team Activation
Incident Action Planning
Crisis and Emergency Communications Situation Status/Incident Briefing Protocols
After Action Review
Improvement Planning
Financial Documentation
Staff Impact Assessment/Support Planning
Psychological First Aid
Hazard Vulnerability Assessment
Capabilities/Readiness Assessment
Business Impact Analysis
Remote Worker/Telework Planning
Document Management System

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Emergency Operations Plan and Annexes
Business Continuity Planning
Exercise Development and Implementation
Incident Command System Development
ICS Role Training
Executive and Staff Training